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Do you realize “G*psy” is a slur?

Dear Lady Gaga,

I know you put your heart and soul into your new ballad, “Gypsy,” to express the intertwined isolation and community while touring. But the fact is, “g*psy” is a slur that has been used to persecute and oppress the Roma/Romani people across Europe for centuries upon centuries.

It may seem like a celebration of their nomadic lifestyle to call yourself a g*psy, but it’s just not that simple. If you are not Roma, this kind of thing contributes to the erasure of their culture and their painful history by replacing it with a fun sort of Halloween costume idea - the bohemian on the road with the wind in her hair and bells on her ankles, free from society’s trappings. But that is not the reality of the Roma people! Replacing their stories with a happier, more romantic one is a very real form of bullying that I am ashamed to see you perpetrate.

Please, please, please educate yourself on the horrific atrocities inflicted upon the Roma - like the evictions the government of France is carrying out right now! - and spread the word to your fans. When you are done with this song and the romantic image of the free wandering nomad, you will be able to take off “g*psy” like your gorgeous Berlin mustache and hang it on the wall. But this word not just an accessory to the Roma people - it is a tool of violence and hate used to tear them down and they can’t take it off when they are tired of it.

I love the work you do and I don’t want to see you spread hate and stereotypes when you mean to spread love and art! Lady Gaga and Little Monsters, let’s use this as an opportunity to educate ourselves and get the word out about the Romani people’s persecution and fight injustice!


Laurel Lynn Leake

Roma in Europe: Persecuted and Misundestood

Blonde Roma Children Abducted By European Governments

Gypsy Is A Slur, Period

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