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i firmly believe the only thing shakira has ever done wrong is use g*psy she is clean

Gypsy literally means wanderer in the oxford dictionary and has a secondary meaning in relation to Romani people you need to chill.

girl there’s people who find it offensive plus i didnt ask for your commentary bye

When a romani person explains to me it’s pejorative intent, I’ll listen- until then I’m not going to assume it’s racially charged when it has two definitions, the main of which isn’t specific to any culture.

+ “I didnt ask for your commentary” is a bit of a piss baby remark when you post something in a public forum- obviously you’re going to have people responding to it.

That’s like yelling something in public and being surprised when someone asks you what you’re doing.
Sit down David + Chill.

Here ya go.  You can also check out this Roma tumblr for more.

You are aware that the Oxford Dictionary is written by, like. Actual biased people?  Do you really think a group of old white men understand how slurs work?  Romanticizing a slur is still bad.  It still has repurcussions on the actual Roma people getting discriminated against and evicted from their homes and firebombed and having their kids stolen by the government.  The Roma people, you know, the g*psies who were murdered in the concentration camps of the Holocaust. Those people.

The only people who have a right to call themselves a g*psy are actual members of the Roma community, like the American Gypsies.  It doesn’t matter how sweet your intent is with the word, how much love you have for the concept: it’s a slur.     

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Azealia Banks || Chasing Time

Finally! The second single off Azealia Banks’ debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste” is here and oh does it not disappoint. With an increase in singing (differing from her predominant rap vocals), the song is a bold success. As for the full length album, I’m excited to hear more singing from Azealia especially since the additional vocals in “Chasing Time” work beautifully alongside those quick traditional rap verses we’ve all grown to love. 

Aw, Gaga gave Tony her weird-ass demon painting from back in January while touring his painting studio on Good Morning Britain

"I’m kinda embarrassed to give it to you, you know. I wanted to give it to you, Tony…I paint when I’m sad…it’s just, I was really sad, and I wanted to put all of that feeling somewhere else, and I made this."  

Tapping its face. “That’s the demon. Yeah, great.”

"I wanted to give it to you, because you have so much to do with it being gone."

"Thank you.  I can feel how intense it is.  The feeling of it…Thank you, sweetheart."